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A Memorably Picturesque Village
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A Memorably Picturesque Village Not long ago I lived in a small Bavarian village along the Loisach River and which was nestled in the foothills of the German Alps. I remember the very first time I arrived; I was on a Deutsche Regional Bahn. The Regional Bahn is not as fast as the Inter City Express ICE trains, but with the beautiful scenery, it didn't matter. The scenery and landscape distracted me from the constant clanking sound made by the train. "Die Nächste halt, Garmisch-Partenkirchen", announced the conductor over the intercom as the train glided and wobbled along the track....
flowing river a. trees line the mountains b. Loisach River full from snow runoff 3. the season of spring a. thickening trees b. people hiking

C. Hiking the Kramer 1. 2,800m hike a. 6 hours to get to the summit b. Panoramic view of valley and to Munich 2. Full Moon a. traversed over Austrian mountain range b. dipped in and out of site c. appeared off the face of the Zugspitze d. the Eibsee Lake 3. Camping out a. stars magnified at the altitude b. peaceful c. fireflies 4. Conclusion a. Wonderful place to relax without distraction

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