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A Memorably Picturesque Village
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A Memorably Picturesque Village Not long ago I lived in a small Bavarian village along the Loisach River and which was nestled in the foothills of the German Alps. I remember the very first time I arrived; I was on a Deutsche Regional Bahn. The Regional Bahn is not as fast as the Inter City Express ICE trains, but with the beautiful scenery, it didn't matter. The scenery and landscape distracted me from the constant clanking sound made by the train. "Die Nächste halt, Garmisch-Partenkirchen", announced the conductor over the intercom as the train glided and wobbled along the track....
flowing river a. trees line the mountains b. Loisach River full from snow runoff 3. the season of spring a. thickening trees b. people hiking

C. Hiking the Kramer 1. 2,800m hike a. 6 hours to get to the summit b. Panoramic view of valley and to Munich 2. Full Moon a. traversed over Austrian mountain range b. dipped in and out of site c. appeared off the face of the Zugspitze d. the Eibsee Lake 3. Camping out a. stars magnified at the altitude b. peaceful c. fireflies 4. Conclusion a. Wonderful place to relax without distraction

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I have always hated gym class....I have always hated gym class. I was the girl who stood there and waited for the ball to hit her during dodge ball. I was the girl who always got picked last for teams. I was the girl who was always the last to finish running laps at the beginning of class. I was the girl who hardly tried to hit the ball during volleyball. One particular agonizing day my freshman year of high school, we were playing badminton. The class was split into four groups. There were four nets set up, two on each side of the gym, next to the closed bleachers. The wooden bleachers were connected to the wall and opened and closed with the touch of a button. When they were closed, they were like a ten-foot tall ladder against the wall. I was placed in a group with five freshman boys. Unfortunately, they were the most immature boys in the class; the boys who thought they were good at everything. These were the boys whose sole purposes in life were to show off. They were the boys who thought they could impress the pretty, popular girls with their athletic ability. It was a wonder they were some of the most popular boys in the freshman class. It was time to get into our groups. The boys in my group ran over to the net, making jokes and calling out insults to a particular chubby kid they enjoyed making fun of. "Hey Tom!" one of them called, "Don't hit the birdie too high, you might get it stuck in the bleachers and one of us would have to get it for you!" I sighed. This is going to be a long day, I thought as I dragged myself to the net where the boys were trying to decide who would play first. I hated seeing other people being made fun of, although I was always too shy to stick up for them. The class was signaled to start playing. I sat with my back to the bleachers watching everybody play. I noticed that no one in the class could play very well, not even the boys in my group. To compensate for their inability to play the game well, they goofed off instead, trying to hit the birdie across the gym, up into the ceiling, or into the bleachers. As they played, they yelled across the gym at other people who couldn't play, but were actually trying. Some of them couldn't hit the birdie at all. I watched Tom in particular. Whenever he tried to hit the birdie, it seemed to go straight through the netting of the racquet. One other boy in my group noticed this. "That's okay, Tom!" he yelled, "At least we don't have to worry about it being hit too high." I felt so bad for Tom. He was teased every day and he always just put up with it. I knew he was a nice enough guy. He was just not athletic and he was a bookworm. That, according to the popular kids, was definitely not cool. I was so tired of seeing him made fun of; I wanted to help him somehow. I wanted to do something to humiliate the boys who teased him. It was a scary thought. This would require some daring action on my part. I couldn't think about it too long, because before long, my chance arose. The birdie was hit into the top of the bleachers. Without thinking, I got up and climbed quickly after the birdie. It wasn't hard. I had climbed a ladder before, and it was similar to that, except the footholds were very small and rather slippery. I wasn't sure exactly how this was supposed to help. I guess I figured it would show the boys that their showing off was not a big deal. I was a girl, I was unpopular, and I was definitely not athletic. They had acted like they were the only ones capable of retrieving the birdie from the top of the bleachers. This was a small thing, I knew, but at least I would feel like I helped. Throwing the birdie down, I felt some satisfaction as I saw their shocked faces. I glanced at Tom, saw that he was watching me, and gave him a small grin. Finally it was time to climb back down. I was a little afraid, but I turned around quickly as if I thought it was no big deal. On my way down, I tried to feel for each and every step, but I wanted to get down as quickly as possible. The steps were slippery with wax finish and I had to be very careful"”uh oh. I started to slip. I caught myself quickly with my hands, but I couldn't hold my weight with the weak hold that I had. I started to slide down the vertical bleachers. I landed on my feet at the bottom and promptly fell back on my butt. I sat there dazed for a moment when I heard the entire class laughing. I was unhurt, but intensely embarrassed. Tears burned my eyes, threatening to brim over and run down my flaming red face. I was still facing the bleachers, so luckily no one could see how embarrassed I was. "Hey, Beth, we'll have to let you climb up there more often! You can go faster than any of us!" cried one of the boys as the others started laughing even harder. I took several deep breaths, struggling to keep from crying. I was still sitting where I had fallen when I sensed someone behind me. "Are you okay, Beth?" It was Tom. I managed to smile as he helped me up. "Ignore those jerks. That's what I do," he said.   

I have always hated gym class. I was the girl who stood there and waited for the ball to hit her during dodge ball. I was the girl who always got picked last for teams. I was the girl who was always the last to finish running laps at the...

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