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Fear of Being Misunderstood
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Understanding, love, caring is the keys to a good relationship. There should be no place for misunderstanding, if there is one you are on the shaky ground. Being misunderstood is when your intension is been proved wrong or different or when you mean something else and something really different totally different happens, against your intensions or expectations. When I 14yrs old my nature was kind of bubbly, I was sociable. But my dad always stopped me going out with friends. I couldn"t talk to boys. My parents are form India and they brought with them in Canada their old...
If I could get the chance I would have discussed the matter with my parents and would have placed my views in front of them. To understand somebody you have to put your foot in another person"s shoe. A victim with this kind of fear could cause a person: - depression, lack of confidence and even to commit suicide in some cases when it is unbearable. You feel frustrated when you or your intentions are consider wrong by some other person and the only way to overcome this is to have a talk, discussion or an objective conversation.

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