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An inspector calls
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Is "An Inspector Calls" a well-made play? A well-made play has to feature seven qualities that were chosen by Eugene Scribe. This formula for a well-made play is nearly always a successful base for a play. I think that the play "An Inspector Calls" contains all seven factors and is a well-made play. As the play opens, we are introduced to the main characters, the Birling family and Gerald Croft. They are having a celebration dinner to mark the engagement of Mr Birling's daughter, Sheila to Gerald, a wealthy member of a titled family. They are having this...
the baby and that is the reason why Eva called herself Mrs Birling when she went to the committee for help. This example of mistaken identity shows how far society's double standards exist.

Inspector Goole posed as a Police Inspector but Gerald found out that there was no Police Inspector called Goole and no record of a girl dying in the Infirmary from swallowing disinfectant that day.

"The Inspector Calls" has one main story line, which is why Eva committed suicide. There are small story lines connected that explain how Gerald and the Birlings are connected.

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