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Analysis of Sonnet 2
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In Sonnet 2, Shakespeare stresses to his lover that beauty will not last, and that it is selfish and foolish for anyone not to prepare for the loss of beauty and youth by having a child to carry on unsurpassed beauty. The sonnet can be cynically seen as Shakespeare"s attempt to get his lover to sleep with him rather than as a lesson in living life. In the first quatrain Shakespeare says that later on, your youth will be worthless. The greatness of your youth, admired by everyone now, will be, will be as worthless as a "tatter"d weed of...
be used but could not be. Shakespeare says, "How much more praise deserved thy beauty"s use" which regrets, if only your beauty could have been put to a greater use.

The couplet then describes what it would be like to have this baby. Shakespeare poetically states that this baby would be "new made when thou art old" This means that the baby would be young while you are old. The final line tells how you would see your own blood flow warm through the baby while you are cold. "And see thy warm blood when thou feel"st it cold."

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