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Caesar And Brutus
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Brutus was a trusted friend of Caesar and an honorable man, or so you thought. In William Shakespeare"s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Brutus is presented as a loyal companion to Caesar showing himself as honorable only to turn around and betray his friend by death. This to me does not sound like the act of an honorable man. Can a man who is honored, be honorable? Brutus was a noble man in Rome and a good friend to the leader Caesar. Many looked up to Brutus as an honest man, and a person to trust and confide in. Trust...
person. With so much going for him, he lost it all to an easy way out of a difficult situation. We are all presented with effortless ways to get out of complicated circumstances, but it"s not always the best.

As loyal and trustworthy as Brutus was first thought to be, his true side was eventually shown in the end. He was no friend to Caesar, or anyone else. Betrayal, lies, suicide, and murder were result of a weak and deceitful man. This man showed he was anything but honorable in anyway. On who is honored can"t always be honorable.

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