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What are the advantages of Situation Ethics?
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Fletcher's Situation Ethics is a theory of how to deal with everyday moral dilemmas in a practical manner. Due to the fact that the theory steps away from "textbook morality" it can be seen as immensely practical in everyday situations. Unlike the legalistic approach to ethics which, relies upon rules and laws. Situation ethics values a persons own individual principles and traditions. In this way it is flexible in regard to a persons circumstances. It is fair to say that because the theory takes individuals into account it is able to view the bigger picture, in respect to the...
and only important thing for making moral decisions.

In conclusion the theory places love above anything and everything else however, this is a problem because love can sadly never practically be the most and only important marker for decision making in a modern day society. The theory can not look at things so individualistically because of the existence of paedophiles, child killers and sadists. For theses people distort what love is and therefore could utilise the good intentions of Situation ethics to justify anything. Good intentions and righteous thinking sadly has no place in modern day life.

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