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Post-Modernism and the Feminist Influence
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Post-Modernism has become unavoidably political. The images and stories being presented are never neutral, they challenge conceptions and promote new ways of thinking. The relationship between post-modernism and feminism has always been acknowledged as one that has become close through the years. Catherine Stimpson explains that "the history of feminist thought on this topic includes the confrontation of dominant representations of women as misrepresentations." Clearly not all post-modern work comes under the feminist influence but the impact of several talented women artists who are interested in their role in the art world have brought the issue to the forefront...
double page spread found in a UK tabloid. It features a midget stripper showing off her success. Her story however is phrased as if it is some circus sideshow. "Two Fried Eggs and a kebab" is another one of Lucas" well-known works. Again she uses food as a substitute for human genitalia. Lucas even creates own character"s in her work. This woman has nothing to offer but what lies on the table. Her face is a photographic replica of her body. She is "vacant cheap sex" , "an object for public use" and a "wasted victim of borderline violence."
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