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Romeo and Juliet - What is Love?
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Has Shakespeare convinced you that Romeo and Juliet are in love at the end of act one? What is love? Love means a warm liking or affection for a person, affectionate devotion. Does the way Romeo describe Juliet sound like love to you? In my opinion love does not occur at first sight, it is something that you need to work towards. Romeo just describes Juliet's beauty and not her inner-beauty. "Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!" Romeo is just saying how beauty like that is too good for the earth. When Romeo says " O...
thing remains, they all use universal truths to relate to their audiences.

As it stands, I do not believe that Romeo is in love with Juliet, but Juliet is in love with Romeo. If Shakespeare wants me to believe that Romeo is in love with Juliet, he would have to make Romeo more affectionate for Juliet's love and not her beauty. Shakespeare did a nice job of making me believe that Juliet is in love with Romeo because of how dramatic she was. How does it make you feel? Would you believe that Romeo and Juliet were in love?

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