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Director. Born August 1, 1965, in Redding, England. Raised by his mother, an author of children's books, after his parents' divorce, Mendes grew up in north London. He attended Cambridge University, graduating in 1987. After graduation, he got a low-level job at the Chichester Festival Theater. When a veteran director dropped out of a production of London Assurance, the 23-year-old Mendes was asked to step in. The production became a hit, and soon moved to Haymarket's Theatre Royal. Mendes's second effort, The Cherry Orchard, starring Dame Judi Dench, opened later that same year. By the end of 1991, Mendes had...
underside earned numerous accolades, including Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay for first-time screenwriter Alan Ball, and Best Actor Kevin Spacey. Annette Bening, who starred as the materialistic wife of Spacey"s character, also earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

In early 2000, Mendes directed the long-awaited workshop production of Sondheim's Wise Guys, but withdrew from the project after its move to Broadway was put off yet again.

Mendes, a bachelor, has reportedly been romantically linked to the actresses Rachel Weisz, Horrocks, and most recently Calista Flockhart, star of the hit Fox series Ally McBeal.

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