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Bob Marley
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A poverty stricken Jamaican child sits on the side of a street in Kingston, drumming on a vegetable bin and singing to the beat. Robert Nesta Marley was only five, but it was clear music was his destiny. You might know him better as Bob Marley and he is without a doubt the most famous figure to emerge from the reggae community. His musical career beginning with his first band was influenced by his unique Rastafarian religious beliefs. It continued with his tumultuous lifestyle where he dealt with assassination attempts, and ending with his tragic death at 36 from cancer....
Bob left the world of music in awe of his career that brought peace to a nation and changed reggae music forever.

Bob Marley had been recognized by many other performing artists for colorful style and his talent for song writing . Even artists such of Eric Clapton and Sublime have asked for the honor of recording one of Bob's songs on his album.

Bob Marley has inspired many types of music and will be remembered as a revolutionary. He put the music of Jamaica on the map with his unforgettable songs and talent that will never be forgotten.

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