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How has globalization changed society
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How has globalization changed Vietnam After many years of war with France and the United States, Vietnam closed its economy to the outside world and attempted to control its own destiny. This was not successful and the country decided to open its doors to globalization in the 1980s and 1990s. Globalization has profoundly affected the nation in a variety of ways. The two most important are the rapid growth of the economy and change of its culture.First and foremost, Vietnams economy has experienced great success since moving to an open-door policy. For example, GDP has...
an ethnic rich country and has its own unique culture. But global growth has taken this identityaway gradually instead of beingcultural of Western. For instance, fast food has developed in Vietnam everywhere and local food is not focused to young generation. Moreover, globalization is one of reasons causing pollution for environment. Innovations of technologycreate many machines and they excrete toxic gases out atmosphere.I believe that globalization has caused some dramatic changes in Vietnam, both economically and culturally. Not all of these changes are beneficial, but this phenomenon has had an overall positive effect on the country.
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