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Study of Sand Dune Vegetation Succession in Morfa Harlech
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Study of Sand Dune Vegetation Succession in Morfa Harlech, North Wales. Step 1: Identification of a Question. To what extent does the Harlech dune system conform to the model of plant succession across a sand dune transect? This question is best fit to this project because it will allow me to show and explain how the dune system does or doesn't conform to the model. Objectives: a. To investigate the changes that take place across a sand dune system. b. To note the influence of man upon the Harlech Beach sand dune system ...
conditions as the thermometer was new and was unlikely to be broken at this time.

As predicted though, the soil colour darkened with increasing distance from the HWM. This is because the sand cannot sustain Plant life, so the sand turns to soil, thus the darkening of the colour. The wind speed, although maintained a slight representation to the model, was not totally accurate. It varied at about 7.4 k/h. this is not predicted, I expected the wind speed to decrease with increasing distance from the HWM, this is shown in the Graphical representation in Step 1.

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