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Unconformity: a contact between two rock formations often recorded by a change in the angle of dip of the beds, representing a considerable break in continuity, and time. The understanding of unconformities can be a catalyst to a geologists comprehension of the true extent of geological time. There are many excellent examples of angular unconformities in the British Isles, one of them is the De La Beche Unconformity near Frome in Somerset which. Here eight metres of well bedded Upper Inferior Oolite Doulting Stone rests on top of Carboniferous Limestone Vallis Limestone. Both were originally laid...
conclusion, he estimated 98 million years which he later 1897 reduce to 20-40 million years, a figure still thought to be too short by the geological community of the time.

Todays estimates of the age of the earth arrived at via processes such as radiometric dating stretch the imagination, the understanding of unconformities was a major milestone in the understanding of 'deep time', what we have come to understand today as the geological time scale.

'The result, therefore, of our present enquiry is, that we find no vestige of a beginning - no prospect of an end.

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