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Advertising Rules
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Advertising Rules Mr. Royko"s decision not to endorse the Mexican restaurants is solid because he is following his own beliefs and ethics. People should make their own decisions of a product. Also, if he did endorse the restaurant by eating the taco he would be being dishonest to the viewers of the commercial. In his decision to not endorse the restaurant, Mr. Royko is following his own moral ethics. Often people watch television commercials and see products being endorsed by celebrities such as Shaquile O'neal endorsing Taco Bell. The viewers are lead to believe that the famous support these products...
would rather not do the restaurant commercial and not make the money than to do it and give a false impression to the audience of the commercial.

People should rely on their own standards to make the choice about a product and not the image of someone else that does not have the same taste or desires that he or she does.

When thinking about advertising a product, people should also think about their own moral beliefs and ethics. The product should be something that they would be willing to back and support without having any reservations about it.

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