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Be Prepared
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#1 Be prepared E-commerce activity has grown rapidly during 1999 and is set to finally explode in 2000 and 2001. You need to ensure that your business is ready for this incredible opportunity by building a Web store now. This will allow time for you and your employees to learn the necessary new skills and to adapt your business processes. #2 Being first secures market share The initial entrant to a market captures the mindshare of consumers and can prove difficult to dislodge - just look at the mighty Barnes and Noble trying to play catch up with Amazon. Even...
its use for all dealings with them.

#10 Making money

OK, we"ve all heard the saw about how no one"s making money on the Internet. There are some grounds to this as only a small number of Web sites are currently pulling in significant revenues. This is all about to change as the Web finally reach mass-market proportions in the United States, with nearly 25% of households forecast by IDC to be on line by the end of 1998. This will allow Web commerce to take off and, at last, there will be a real opportunity to make money.

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