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socialogical influences on busines management
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Executive Summary 1.0 Term of Reference This report will be based on reflective on social behaviour and interpersonal skills in general, and to see how these can be incorporated into a business in relevance to the business environment and how does it improve the business and the relationship threw the chain of command to the workers assigned to each hierarchical stage leader. These skills are also required for a business to develop a clear and concise form of communication to interact with its environment be it competitors or perspective employees to consumers. Findings 2.1 Social...

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?é?À Are enthusiastic

?é?À Give their best efforts

?é?À Are punctual and maintain good attendance

?é?À Exhibit loyalty to the company

?é?À Show concern for their future

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Figure 2;

Figure 1. The inductive method tests a theory of a system by matching predicted facts against observed facts Steels, 1995.

The synthetic method builds up theories of a system attempting to construct an artificial system that exhibits the same capabilities of the natural system Steels, 1995.

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