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The Success of Lillian Vernon
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It all began with black and white in 1951. Today, nearly 45 years later, the mail order business of Lillian Vernon has swept the mail order market and maintained a financial foothold where others could not. Lillian Hochberg now known as Lillian Vernon started her business at her Lillian"s motivation was to supplement her husband"s then $150 dollar a week income by working from her home. She could be homemaker and help with the finances too. Her success started by using $495 dollars of wedding gift money to place an mail order add in Seventeen magazine selling an inexpensive leather...
place to handle it. 9. Don"t be afraid 10. Don"t spend more money than you have-- set realistic budgets and stick to them. Keep your debts manageable. Lightman, 1996, pg 2

Finally, in todays fast paced society, it is easy to see how a company like the Lillian Vernon Corporation could appeal to the overworked consumer. This type of company provides an easy affordable way for those consumers to gift shop without derailing them from their hurried everyday lives. I suspect that the Lillian Vernon Corporation will stand head and shoulders above its competitors long into the 21st century.

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