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Antimony Sb
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Appearance Metallic antimony is an extremely brittle metal of a flaky, crystalline texture. It is bluish white and has a metallic lustre. It is not acted on by air at room temperature, but burns brilliantly when heated with the formation of white fumes. It is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Antimony and its compounds are toxic. It is found mostly with other minerals and in stibnite. In crystal form, Antimony is a yellow crystal. Hazards Antimony can affect you when breathed in and by passing through your skin. Exposure can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and skin. Very...
used near acid, a deadly gas can be formed.

Antimony is used in:

Semiconductor technology for making infrared detectors, diodes, and Hall-effect devices.

In alloys with percentages ranging from 1 to 20 - greatly increases the hardness and mechanical strength of lead

Batteries, antifriction alloys, type metal, small arms and tracer bullets, cable sheathing, and minor products use about half the metal produced

Oxides, sulphides, sodium antimonate, and antimony trichloride are used in manufacturing flame-proofing compounds, paints, ceramic enamels, glass, and pottery.

Tartar emetic hydrated potassium antimonyltartate is used in medicine

Enamels, rubber compounds, matches and to make metal alloys

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