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Catalysis-catalysing for success
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Catalysing for success This presentation will discuss what catalysts are, their mechanisms of action and their significance to the chemical industry. Introduction Catalysis is a remarkable phenomenon. Quite apart from the scientific reality, the financial and environmental benefits of harnessing its power are very impressive. Catalysts in definition developed by scientists in the last century, are materials that change the rate of attainment of equilibrium without themselves being changed or consumed in the process. To illustrate the importance of catalysis, here are some of the many applications of it: Chemical and materials manufacturing, Fuel cells, Combustion devices,...
reserved usually for complex reactions requiring catalysts with high selectivity for certain reagents i.e. in pharmaceutical drug manufacture.

Everyday applications for catalysts include use in catalytic converters and biological washing powders.

Catalysis is a valuable technology that has enabled us to get the most from chemical and petroleum resources. Costs, which are reduced by catalysis, are passed on to us, for example the anti - inflammatory drug cost 60 a gram in the 50"s-60"s. With the introduction of better synthesis routes and better catalysts, the cost of cortisone has been reduced to around 50 pence a gram.

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