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Background An example of a gas would be hydrogen. A chemical property is how a substance changes its identity. An example of this would be being able to support flammability. A physical property distinguises one type of matter from another and can be observed without changing its identity. An example of this is something's boiling point because when you change a liquid to a gas it does not change its identity only its form. A chemical change is when something changes identity and example of this would be burning something because you are changing the substances identity. An example of...
hydrogen is flammable a spark lit the blimp on fire and it crashed and it is not used in blimps anymore. The blimps we see know are only used for commercial uses and are less likely to light a flame than the larger dirigibles.

Source of error One source of error in the experiment was that we did not have our thumb completely over the vial and some of the gas got away making the reaction smaller. The second source of error would be we did not get the splint down fast enough and some of the gas escaped.

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