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Nickel is one of the most important elements on the periodic table. It has plenty of history, as well as a huge importance to society. Its has unique chemical, physical, and geological properties. Nickel is used commercially in abundance, as it is used anywhere from simple art products such as ceramics to complex structures such as tubing for desalination plants. It is even used in the American five-cent coin, the "nickel". Nickel was discovered by Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, in Sweden, during the year 1751. Mr. Cronstedt discovered nickel in a mineral called niccolite. He originally planned to extract copper from...
hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. It also decomposes readily in nitric acid.

As one can see, the element Nickel is a very useful element in our society. It is used in many ways commercially, while presenting very little biohazards, among other dangers such as pollution. Though not being present all over the earth, it is used all over the world in many different ways. Its uses are very plentiful, ranging from the production of green-tinted glass to being used as a protective coating for other metals. Nickel is definitely one of the more useful, profitable elements on the periodic table.

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