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Addition polymerisation is the construction of a polymer based upon simple monomer units. These monomers join together in an extremely long chain under the correct conditions of temperature and pressure to become a single polymer chain. Mechanism of the polymerisation of ethane to form LDPE This reaction takes place in three complex stages. The three stages are Initiation, Propagation and Termination. First stage is Initiation: The radicals are formed by decomposition of an initiator, the radical can be obtained by heating up the initiator, until it releases a free radical. The radicals react with a...
arrange in a regular way, there was a down side. For if the catalyst was "damaged" or "poisoned", such as which when there was traces of nickel compound, then evidently the chains would stop growing. The other thing was that the catalyst can only be worked with small hydrocarbon monomers. This means the catalyst can only made a certain range of polymers. This problem was solved by metallocene catalysts. However, the problem with this was that, a particular metallocene is likely to produce one form of poly propene. So total control had still not been achieved yet.

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