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Silver Recovery Technologies
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Silver Recovery Technologies Hallmark Refining offers three technologies to recover silver from silver-rich photographic processing solutions: ?é?À Electrolysis ?é?À Metallic replacement ?é?À Precipitation Considerable research over a period of years has gone into making these recovery technologies efficient, economical and user friendly. Electrolytic Recovery Electrolytic recovery, or electrolysis, is an efficient and cost-effective silver recovery technology. During electrolytic recovery, electric current reduces the silver-thiosulphate complex and plates almost pure silver metal onto the negatively charged electrode. This electrode is called the cathode and it is made of stainless steel. There are two...
Precipitation chemicals and filtration costs will account for about 25% of the recovered silver for a large lab. However, TMT is so reliable that silver concentrations can be easily predicted and compliance can be consistently met. Often, this will justify the additional cost.

TMT sludge from the precipitation process is easily refined and usually assays at 20% to 38% silver. The TMT sludge is not considered hazardous material in most states, and can be shipped without a manifest.

If you are having a difficult time meeting your present or future environmental regulations, TMT is worth considering.

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