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The Debate Over the Use of Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins
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One clear representation, which will be discussed later, of the controversy surrounding the use of synthetic products versus natural products, lies in vitamins. A vitamin is a composite of the natural world that is made up of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, and mineral activators. The decision on which one a person would choose usually comes down to cost, confusion, and/or common assumptions. The arguments about synthetic versus natural can easily be decided with a little bit of knowledge. Natural products are ones that are obviously direct from earth itself. Natural products that are sold are usually the one's with the upper...
spend less money and make more profit off of synthetic vitamins tan they do natural vitamins. Since the human body recognizes the distinction between what's natural and what's not, the man-made, synthetic vitamins can harm it fatally.

Natural products are in fact better than synthetic products. This can be supported through research done on vitamins. This has developed into a big issue mainly due to the fact that the usage of synthetic and partially natural vitamins has resulted in harm to the human body. So the only real solution to avoiding damage is to use completely pure natural vitamins.

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