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Irony In the Play Hamlet
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The play begins on the outer ramparts of Elsinore castle. It is late and Francisco, a guard, is on duty waiting for Bernardo to relieve him from his watch. Francisco is nervous because the previous two nights he and Bernardo have seen a figure who appears to be the ghost of the recently deceased king wandering around. Bernardo approaches, accompanied by Horatio (Hamlets only friend and confident). Even though Horatio dismisses the idea of a ghost, the guards start to retell the previous nights encounters. As the guards begin, the ghost appears before them- much to Horatios surprise. The guards...
her any. They have a discussion wherein Hamlet denies ever loving Ophelia and berating her and women in general for their trickery and pretentiousness. When Hamlet leaves, Claudius and Polonius enter. Claudius is convinced that Hamlets madness does not stem from his love for Ophelia, but that it is something else that is afflicting his soul. Claudius realizes that Hamlets actions are a danger to those around him. He decides to send Hamlet to England, hoping a change of atmosphere will settle his heart. The scene ends with Claudius stating that Hamlet should be watched.Text Act III, Scene i
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