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How Global issues affect local Buisness.
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How Global issues affect Local Business Members of the judging panel, ladies and gentlemen, fellow students. I am here today to talk to you about the effects of global issues on local business, but to answer this I believe another question must first be answered. What is a global issue and a local business? The Oxford dictionary defines global as, World wide, relating to or embracing a group of items, and local as, belonging to or existing in a particular place. So what issues that relates to the entire world can be said to affect local...
a plumbing merchants in Marden, suffered over 40,000 pounds in flood damaged stock. But it is among a huge list of local businesses to suffer.

In total 50million pounds of damage was done to the areas affected by the flooding with many businesses not opening again for several weeks.

This is how yet another global issue influenced local businesses.

From all these examples it is clear to see that local businesses are indeed affected by global issues of all kinds through out the world. And in a multitude of different ways. Thank you for Listening.

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