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The price system sends signals to consumers & producers on what they ought to do in the future.
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The model of perfect competition serves as a benchmark of economic efficiency against which real world markets can be measured. A perfectly competitive market requires a number of conditions. The first is that there need to be many buyers and sellers. This is necessary so that no individual or group can influence price. Second, the goods or services need to be identical to one another. If the product differed evenly slightly, sellers might be able to convince buyers to purchase their product even at a higher price. In other words, the products are perfect substitutes for one another. Third, buyers...
non-formal systems of support, to organisations making profit and to different professions that are also qualified for help and intervention. This is another dilemma that social workers will have to face if social work practice is to conform to the Monopolistic market, enabling the workers to perform in an open market. If social work will be able to expand its traditional principle of inclusion it will not only be responsible for those who live on the outer skirts of society or in poverty but for everyone who is in need regardless of their position and financial situation.

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