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Communication in my Life
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Good communications in our life is a necessity, however we lack of it almost everyday. Sometimes we don't even notice, when we speak in a certain tone, what kind of body language we use, and that starts an argument. Soon we get carried away and start ignoring the other person, and think that they're wrong, and we are the only ones who have the right to be right. And sometimes we ignore the world around us and agree, which sometimes is a good strategy to avoid argument, but if we do it every time, we will be pushed down to...
my friends I am more assertive, because I am willing to share my opinions, and listen to others' ideas, too.

Communication is our door to the world, however we decide what kind of entrance we're going to make. Is it going to be small or big, aggressive or passive it is all up to us. We can't change ourselves in an instant; however we can do it over time. And when we fail, just putting our hands down isn't an option, we don't have to stand up instantly after a fall, but the most we can do is try.

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