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McDonalds: Descriptive Essay
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It is a place that some love like a humongous pizza on a Saturday night after a movie, and some loath like the Federal Emergency Management Agency's handling of the hurricane Katrina disaster. It is a place that can make any child smile when he or she hears that they can play in the play land. It is also a place that can make an employee swear when he learns that he has to cook the meat for the 12 double cheese burgers which is like 24 pieces of meat for the family of that kid in the play land.....
choice you can have is the sundaes which can have one of three toppings. There is of course hot fudge, fruity strawberry, and silky caramel which are all fine choices depending on what a person loves.

McDonalds can either be a good or bad thing in your day depending on if you get the right food and that food is quality or not. For anyone who works there however, the experience is always equivalent to that of a man who walks into a bar during football season on a Monday night wearing a Packers jersey in Chicago.

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