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My Ideal School
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Nowadays, we are often laden with homework and tortured with examinations and assignment. Everyone wants their school to be a paradise or even heaven where they can enjoy their school days better without anxiety. On the contary, schools today do not provide that. Therefore, an ideal school is essential for us to perform better in schools. First and foremost, my ideal school should have a 10 storey library that is filled with books, magazines, newpapers, and of course, has the latest advanced facilities like computer, video rooms, etc... and we can surf the net as much as we want around...
by counseling them. On the top of that, I think that teachers at school must be very tacful and caring. They will be give use shelter when we need. They will strive endlessly to make sure that we pass the exam with flying colours. They will protect us when we are harmed.

Finally, we will have a short test after each lesson so that we can cope with it without tension and worries. There will no be homework. Therefore, we will have more time to unwind ourselves.

I hope that my ideal school will be a reality one day.

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