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Child Language Acquisition-Outline the Main Stages of Child Language Development
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Child Language acquisition-Outline the main stages of child language development Similarly to physical activity e.g. standing, all normal children develop language skills at roughly the same time, and follow approximately the same language acquisition schedule regardless of their culture. However, the rate at which each individual child reaches the various stages will vary from child to child. Children are seen as having an innate ability to distinguish between different aspects of language at various stages during the early years of life. Therefore the child notices regularities in what is heard and then applies those regularities to what he/she says....
child overextends the meaning of a word on the basis of similar shapes, size, movement etc e.g. 'bow-wow' for cats, horses, and cows or 'tick-tock' for a watch, bathroom scales etc. Lexical relations are also a feature of child semantics. The child will almost always use the middle level term in a set of similar words e.g. 'animal: dog: poodle', the child will use dog, as a word for animals.

By the age of 5, the child will have a vocabulary of over 2000words and will

have completed the majority of the basic language acquisition process.

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