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Salem Meets Dennis the Menace
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What's the difference between Abigail Williams and Satin? Very little! Abigail turns life around for many innocent citizens of Salem. She took away their freedom and attacked their emotions. Abigail shows many similar qualities to Satin in The Crucible. She certainly rejects God and does what she wants to do regardless of whom it may hurt. Abigail Williams was a menace to society because she destroyed the calm community of Salem through her destructive, sinful acts. Abigail tries to steal Goody Proctor's husband John. Abigail makes an attempt to kill Goody Proctor by casting a spell upon her. She had...
deceitful acts. It is a shame that no one could have known the truth behind Abigail's lies, for they might have been able to warn someone. However, even if anyone had known the whole story of Abigail in the woods with the other girls, it probably wouldn't have helped much. Abigail could have easily turned the tables saying that they had bewitched her. Since there was no hard evidence to convict someone of witch, only the word of the children, there was no avoiding Abigail's destruction. The Salem witch trials were doomed to happen, and their destruction was immeasurably harmful.
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