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Societal Lessons in Julius Caesar
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Many authors try to convey different lessons that we, as individuals or a society can learn from their writings. William Shakespeare, in his play Julius Caesar, has definitely accomplished this goal. With the many lessons included in this story, society can learn from the mistakes of others made previously. It could be said that the actions of society are learned by the actions of our predecessors. In this incredible play, the major messages or societal lessons include mob mentality, respect, and wealth and power are the roots of all evil. Shakespeare realized that people behave differently in mobs. One...
begin to think they are more powerful than everyone else is, which results in the death of Caesar.

Societal lessons are present throughout Shakespeare"s many works. Shakespeare observed how human nature could affect the decisions of other people, such as with Antony and the crowd of hostile plebeians. History tends to repeat itself, and many people who would make the same mistakes as the characters in Julius Caesar can learn from these important lessons. The tragedy of Julius Caesar was definitely an excellent topic for a play due to many lessons that we as a society can learn from it.

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