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Aggression in Schindlers List-Helen Hirsch
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An emotionally shocking segment of the film, Schindler"s List, involves the interspersion of 3 different scenes - the marriage of a Jewish couple Rebecca Tannenbaum and Josef Bau, Schindler"s birthday celebrations, and the brutal and unprovoked beating of Helen Hersch. These scenes occur directly after Goeth"s apparent, initial `change of heart" brought on by advice given by Schindler whereby he pardon"s several Jews for infringements but soon comes to some sort of realisation that such Jews do not deserve second chances. Amon Geoth does not enter the cellar where Helen is located, with the preconceived notion of imposing...

Throughout the beating of Helen, the applause at the singer"s performance can be lucidly heard over the top of the two other scenes, which creates a conflicting and confusing atmosphere for the rapid scene conversions. The applause fits in comfortably with the Jewish celebrations after the marriage, but sounded awkward and contrived when added over the top of the bashing scene. This technique served to further exploit the contrast between the scenes.

These 3 scenes provided an excellent and original form of aggression examples in the film and helped contribute to the overall successfulness of the film.

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