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Egypt: The Gift of the Nile
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The Nile, is the longest river in the world, and is located in northeastern Africa. Its principal source is Lake Victoria, in east central Africa. The Nile flows north through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea, with a total distance of 5584 km. From its remotest headstream in Burundi, the river is 6671 km long. The river basin covers an area of more than 3,349,000 sq km. Not only is the Nile considered a wonder by Herodotus, but by people all over the world, due to its impotance to the growth of a civilization. The first great African...
administration could manafe the economy properly. To Egypts benefit, they lived in a fairly isolated area, which would aid them in their development of a government.

Not only was the Egyptian life, thinking, political sytem and government development affected. But the scientific evolution was greatly affected. For example, due to the yearly occurrence of the flood, scientists used that information and incoporated it into their creation of the yearly calender. Not only were sundials used in Egypt for telling the time, but a water dial was also used. I guess people used the water dial on a cloudy day!

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