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Compare and Contrast Renaissance and Reformation
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Renaissance and Reformation, caused many changes which defined the way in we look at many aspects of modern life. The rebirth of Art, Architecture, and Religion paved the way towards many major advances in the human race. Renaissance, which comes from the French word "Rebirth" was a rebirth of the old Roman and Greek civilization, which began in Italy in 1350, and lasted until 1600. The Renaissance sparked advances in Art, and Architecture. Humans developed what is called individualism, people wanted to receive personal credit for what they did instead of praising God for everything. Many styles of architecture...
eventually Europe. The reformation strengthened the middle class, Reformation encouraged the spread of education. In both Catholic and Protestant countries, the reformation strengthened the state at the expense of the church. Reformation also led to the colonization of North America, protestants in England were persecuted for their religious beliefs by Queen Mary. "Bloody Mary" murdered many protestants to prevent the growth of the protestant faith in England. This led to a group of Protestants called pilgrims, to make a pilgrimage to the new world, where they would be free to practice their religious belief without fear of persecution.

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