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Erotic art-form and function
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Introduction The dictionary definition of 'Erotic Art' is that which expresses the arousal of, or the attempt to arouse, sexual feeling by means of suggestion, symbolism or allusion. The Austrian artist Egon Schiele outraged the Viennese public and was imprisoned for the circulation of his indecent drawings and sheer explicitness of his artwork, which was claimed to 'endanger public morality', in the highly conservative first half of the 1900s. At the opening of Schiele's first exhibition in London, 1964, Oskar Kokoschka evaluated the artwork as 'pornographic'. This view was widespread. I saw examples of the 'offending' sketches, along with a...
his erogenous zones. The next study I made from life was for the purpose of correctly proportioning the body from what I had learnt in investigation the internal body structure. The image is successfully alluring as well as successfully proportioned. The next study I did was of a male nude from life. I applied what I observed from the hollowed out painting of Plate 7, Seated male nude. I applied hand gestures, eye contact, hollowing of the body and the reddening of the genitals. This was a very successful illustration of eroticism. Conclusion In my exploration of Egon Schiele
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