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Sexual Assault
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Sexual assault is the most damaging form of abuse. This infectious and savage act should be forced to stop all together. A crime this emotionally damaging should not be taken lightly. Enforcement of the law does not adequately address the crime at hand and for this reason many guilty people walk free. On these grounds, numerous victims stay quiet about their assault. The after effects of sexual assault are both emotional and physical, leaving survivors scared for life. Sentencing to people guilty of this crime should be handed out in equality to second or third degree murder. The laws on...
his victim of the ability of a normal, meaningful relationship with another human being. The laws that exist now may be well rounded, as they seem to cover a lot and protect the rights of the victims, however, the enforcement of these same laws is the complete opposite. This in turn effects the number of reported incidents of sexual assaults, leaving the number of free rapists higher and the amount of justice served lower. Sexual assault needs to be taken more seriously and the severity of the punishment for the criminals should be tremendously increased and better imposed.

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