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Journey to the Center of the earth book report
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I. INTRODUCTION 1. Journey to the center of the earth 2. Jules Vernes 3. Mid 1800?â?ó?óÔÇÜ?¼?óÔÇ×?ós 4. 1st Person II. BODY 1. It is obvious; The Characters in the story will go to the center of the earth. 2. Axel-This is the main character. He changes very much throughout the story. He is a student of his uncles in his early twenties, and narrates the story. Professor Otto Lidenbrock is Axel?â?ó?óÔÇÜ?¼?óÔÇ×?ós uncle, and teaches Axel many things. He is the brain behind the Journey to the center of the earth. Hans is the muscle behind the journey to the center...
The Professor?â?ó?óÔÇÜ?¼?óÔÇ×?ós soul had passed straight into me, and the spirit of discovery inspired me?â?ó?óÔÇÜ?¼?é?Ø Pg 291 LP This is where proof that Axel is a Dynamic character. This shows how far he has matured throughout the story, and is now ready for his journey to the center of the earth.

4. I found this book a great read, exciting, and fun. The book was rather easy, and was not too long. The story was constantly changing, adding to the excitement. The story was very fun, adventurous, and marveling in science, even over a hundred years after being published.

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