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Macbeth - Evil and darkness
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The play "Macbeth" by Shakespeare is jam-packed with malfeasance and darkness. All actions taken by Macbeth, his wife, Lady Macbeth, the witches and Hecate have immoral intentions and/or evil outcomes. An example of such is Lady Macbeth's dark intentions to quicken Macbeth's crowning, fuelled Macbeth's "vaulting ambition[s]" Act 1 scene 7 line 27 to murder anyone or anything that stood in his path of a long reign. Shakespeare often uses darkness and will frequently set the scene as a dark and stormy night. This depicts that evil happenings are occurring or are about to take place. There are at least...
said they ate each other." Act 2 scene 4 line 19 and the owl killing the falcon "A falcon,...Was by a mousing owl hawk'd at and kill'd" Act 2 scene 4 line 13-14.

Shakespeare uses darkness and evil as a dominant theme because it captivates the audience and provides an intriguing setting for the play. Audiences of Shakespeare's time were curious and enraptured in witchcraft and sorcery. The audience was beguiled by the witches yet were aghast by Macbeth's evil doings.

On the whole "Macbeth" delves deeply into a world of evil, sorcery and darkness, both natural and unnatural.

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