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No Exit and Inferno
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From folklore to fairy tales there is the use of violent action to convey a specific message to the readers because violence never occurs without having a point to be made. Violent scenes often are the most gruesome and horrific yet they can contribute to the entire meaning of a work. Violence in a story always has a hidden purpose, and is there to enhance the inner meaning of the story while offering an extremely graphic visual to its readers. In Dante's The Inferno and Satre's No Exit, there are numerous accounts of violent imagery expressed through precise diction and...
into the minds of their authors where each gives their interpretation of hell. Through vivid imagery, representation of ideas, and finite physical details each author manages to paint a dramatic and colorful picture of hell, yet also reinforces his theme. When Dante wrote The Inferno his mind thrived on the different levels of interpretation; likewise, Jean Paul Sartre"s mind thrived on this, and he patterned No Exit after Dante"s work. These various literary devices transform a work of literature into a masterpiece with which readers can identify, appreciate, and truly understand; yet also taking them to the next level.
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