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The Monster Behind the Scenes
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Throughout the last century, the movie and theater industries have been creating and recreating movies about Frankenstein, the monster. He has been depicted as a gigantic, ugly monster with incredible strength that walks around searching for his next victim. In the original book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the Monster is not depicted as a complete savage, but is shown to be more of a person. The Creature is intelligent and is an outcast from society. Regardless of the Creature's horrific appearance, he was very a very intelligent individual. When the Creature is telling Frankenstein about how he first learned about...
knows that he is hideous, despised, and is destined to be miserable his whole life, and that it is Frankenstein's fault that he is that way.

Unlike movie interpretations of Frankenstein, the Creature from the book is not a raging monster; he is very much like a person. He is very intelligent and has feelings like normal people, but he is also an outcast. Mary Shelley did not want to create an insane beast for a monster when she wrote Frankenstein; she wanted to create a humanlike monster to propose a question about the morals of the human race.

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