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The Sloth - brief analysis
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Title: The Sloth by Theodore Roethke Paraphrase: A lazy sloth is in a tree. Someone asks him something and he acts as if he does not hear, but he is thinking about it. He acts like you heard what his answer was, even though he didn"t say anything. Lazily, he goes back to sleep knowing the answer to what you asked him and assuming that you know it too. Connotation: 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines - wanting the world to go by a little quicker than it is. This is saying that the world is moving as slow as a...
on even though there are questions that haven"t been answered.

Title: The sloth is symbolizing how the author sees the world.


People at one time or another feel frustrated or annoyed with how slowly some things go by. Roethke wants the world to move a little faster and for all of his questions to be answered.

"Ex-as-per-at-ing" shows the annoyance that he has with the sluggish movements of the sloth.

"Assuming you have heard" tells that even though a question may be asked, it is not always answered and the one you asked may assume that you have heard.

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