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Themes in the Tempest
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There are so many different themes and issues in the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare, that it is difficult to define which is useful and which is not. To explore this concept, it would be prudent to look at 4 themes and issues in the play. The theme of forgiveness is seen in act four scene one almost immediately with the words of Prospero to Ferdinand "If I have too austerely punish"d you,/ your compensation makes amends" 4.1.1. It is also far from Prospero"s initial attitude as chronicled by critic Davidson "desire for vengeance has apparently lain dormant...and now...
storm itself and now we see almost the climax of Prospero"s magical ability. It does also give rise for us to believe that his magic can only be reduced after this performance. This is true in act five where Prospero says in conclusion "Now my charms are all o"erthrown" 5.1. epilogue.1.

In conclusion, it can be seen that there is a relationship between each theme and the rest of the play. The themes and issues raised in the course of the play are culminated in this scene and are merely added to in the fifth act of the play.

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