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Is the controversy surrounding hip hop as a media text justified?
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Do you believe the controversy surrounding rap music representations is justified?' "Hip hop is now the most important musical idiom: what jazz was from the 1920's to the 40's, or rock 'n' roll was from the 50's to the 70's, hip hop has been from the 80's on." Straus, April 2000 As the quote states, hip hop and its associate genres rap, urban, R&B is the dominant music in today's society, particularly amongst young people to whom the genre is particularly popular. It can be said that rap is a fairly new genre of music that...
changed in all forms of media and much more is accepted than it used to be. It is too easy to blame a form of music or something similar to the problems in society when it is obvious that the problem lies far deeper than Eminem using the 'F' word or Dre watching some women lap dance. Parental advisory can be continued, but should music be to blame, where can the censorship be drawn? Surely a new medium would be to blame for a new reason. Rap is just the current scapegoat as was punk in the 1970's.

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