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Skin Cancer
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Think of seven close friends. One of these people will develop some form of skin cancer during his/her lifetime. It may be basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or malignant melanoma. He/she probably has several risk factors, such as a family history, severe sunburns in the past, or fair skin. The cancer may be treated and cured, or it could spread throughout his/her body. This disease kills many people each year. It can be prevented with sunscreen and many other precautions. All mammals" bodies are covered in skin. Made of two layers, the human skin plays a vital role...

Although skin cancer has been developing on people for centuries, it has been in the past few decades that doctors have truly begun to understand the disease. Identifying and treating this cancer is now reasonably easy. If treated early, skin cancer has a ninety-five percent cure rate Skin Cancer: The Facts, 1. Information on the causes and risk factors is readily available. Preventing the disease is simple and affordable. Protecting the skin for the first eighteen years of life can reduce the risk of some types of skin cancer by up to seventy-eight percent Melanoma, 1.

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