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A personal statement for graphic design.
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I want to study Graphic Design on a BA course in further education at your university, because I feel my work would improve and develop in depth by taking full advantage of the facilities I will have access to. I am looking forward to the topics and the variety of media that we would be experimenting with during our first term and section one of the course. I enjoy and thrive working with a range of medias throughout the designing stages of my work. I feel doing an A Level in 3D Sculpture has helped me explore my interest in...
that feature in the Graphics course. I have had work experience at Wellington Signs and Designs Ltd, there I was shown how to work and control machines, take orders from customers and help and assist the designers as they planned the orders. I enjoyed the time there very much as I was able to see the production line of the work. My current job as a hospital pharmacy porter is honing my timing, organisational and memorising skills. I am really looking forward to the wide variety of facilities I will have access to at your university, hopefully see you soon
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