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Analysis of Advertise
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The primary purpose of an advertisement is to sell a certain product; even though advertising has many other purposes too. Each advertising campaign is based on a particular purpose, or to help meet specific goals. Through advertising a company or individual is trying to do the following functions: The first is communicating the brand personality. They make people aware and convey the type of company that is selling the product. The second is indicating the brand's place in the community. It is important that the consumer see how they can fit these products or services into their daily life,...
for the advertisement. They are trying to hoodwink people in a smart way which is also true for this ad. In the later part of the text they mentioned if anyone buys particular product only in April then a portion will go to their conservation partner. And in the bottom in a very diminutive font they said "from participating in certain shop." Moreover, nobody knows how much that portion would be and who are their conservation partners. In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that the ad will be able to swindle their many target audiences.
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