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Deer Hunting
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In ancient time people hunted to survive. They used the animals for food, clothes, and tools. Today hunting for sport has became popular. Today whitetail deer is one of the most popular animals to hunt in North America. Deer can be found all over the United States. Many people hunt for the whitetail deer all over. This lets hunters learn about an animal and nature. The two methods used to hunt whitetail are by firearm or a bow. Bow hunting consists of more experience then firearm. Firearms are more dangerous then a bow is. There are two different...
of their normal spots. The buck is looking for a new mate. That is how many hunters will shoot their big bucks.

In post rut, don't be surprised if you don't see as many bucks because they move at night.

You can enjoy your hunt by going with friends and family. This is a way that you can learn about nature and the outdoors. You need to follow all the safety precautions and licensing requirements. You may not have a successful kill every year but don't give up. Hunting is a great way to learn about nature and sportsmanship.

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