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Electoral College
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The electoral college of the United States of America should be kept in the way that it has been functioning for at least 200 years. Democracy in the United States nor its equal representation principle has never been affected by the Electoral College. The check and balance principle created by the founding fathers is represented in this electoral system. When voters cast their ballots in a U.S. presidential election, they aren"t electing the president directly. The elector members of the Electoral College are the ones who directly select the president and vice president of the United States of America. ...
representation where the equal majority sentiment is represented. It has been rare when a president has been elected without acquiring the majority of all common voters. Only four presidents have been elected only on electoral votes, but losing in common or popular vote. The most recent example of this event has been in the year 2000, when George W. Bush was elected president of the United States of America. Only in such rare occasion is the Electoral College questioned its true democratic value, but in reality the current electoral system has always maintained the principle of equity and democracy.
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